Mike Pyle versus Nick Starks

Reported by Ed Stevens (edited)

This story is about an NHB show that Max Bishop put on. It was a relatively well-run event that included a show-stealer -  Mike Pyle vs. Nick Starks.

Max had brought Nick(190-200 pounds) all the way from Orlando Florida to give a seminar and to fight in the main event of the NHB show. Nick trains with Marcio Simas (Marcio got his black belt under Rolles Gracie, but is in Rickson Gracie's organization) and is a 2-stripe purple belt in Simas' organization. He also has been in many fights and was in a draw with Dan Severn prior to this fight.. Starks also beat Igor Yakimov, a Russian Sambo master,  in the IFC. 

As for Mike Pyle (23 years old, 175 pounds), he took the fight on 3 days notice. I've trained with him a few times and he always kicks my butt.. He disposed of me quicker in grappling competition than anyone I've ever faced (1 minute). He has also beaten Joey Roberts (was in the UFC) by triangle in under 90 seconds. He is officially a blue belt at the Three Rivers Training Association (Paducah, Kentucky Gracie training association ). 

Even though Nick Starks was the favorite, those of us who trained with Mike knew he was really good.  The fight had no time limit (the winner had to be determined by submission or KO/TKO). There was no head butting, but there was kicking on the ground. And the fight was held in a standard ring. All in all, it  made for a hell of a fight. 

THE FIGHT  - Starks came out ready to throw kicks and Pyle went into the clinch with him. Pyle then used an inside trip and fell into Stark's guard. Pyle landed one or two good shots to Starks head before they stood back up. Once back on the feet, Pyle clinched with him and tried to do a guillotine. But Starks just lifted him up and kind of put him in the corner to relieve the pressure and looked relaxed just waiting for Mike to let go. Mike had his legs wrapped around Starks so that if it went to the ground, he'd have Starks in the guard. Well, once Mike let go, they went back into the clinch and Mike threw some vicious knees to Stark's mid-section. Mike then used another inside trip to get Starks to the ground. 

Again, he landed inside Starks guard. They end up with Starks having fallen back on Mike's leg to do an ankle lock. Mike countered out of it and worked his position to knee on chest. he began landing some good shots to Stark's face. Then he moved to full mount and again hit Starks with some good punches. They got tangled up in the ropes so the ref drug them back out to the center of the ring. 

From there, Mike opened up and Starks was unable to escape the mount and tapped out due to the strikes he was taking. The fight lasted between 6-8 minutes. After that, the place went berserk. No one expected Mike to win (except those of us who'd seen him). It was the fight of the night, with all the drama you could hope for. 


  • David Ferguson beat his guy with punches from the mount in under a minute. His opponent was a kick boxer and was totally outclassed on the ground. 

  • Chad Chilcut went to a draw with his opponent. It was a good fight with Chilcut attempting many submissions.

  • Mike Cain beat some a Bishop student named Lance who is supposedly good at leg locks. He choked the guy out with a rear naked with less than a minute left in the overtime period.

But, without a doubt, Mike Pyle stole the show.