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Stephen Wheeler Bio

As reunions go, this one was far better than the 30 year high school gig I attended last summer.  it was great seeing people we trained so hard with and whos heads we each poked at for so many years.  One thing noticeable to me was a common denominator that mostly all shared except me and that was nobody was raising ay kids.  Naomi is long grown.  It is my opinion that this is what accounts for why I looked 20 years older than everyone else my age and why Jan looked 10 years younger than me despite that being the opposite. 

My accomplishments:

I got my daughter out of high school without causing my marriage to be ended.  with over 1300 on the SATs and up until the end of her senior year an 18th ranking academically, she almost managed to not graduate.  she's now ending her first year in Santa Cruz as a sophomore thanks to her ap and college credits accumulated in high school.  and doing well in that culture.

My middle son got into Brazilian jiu jitsu at my prompting and has now choked me out twice.  he's just turned 16, excelling in volleyball at SBHS and has a 4.3 GPA.  and yes, he still somewhat carries that Adonis complex Jan commented on when he was about 5. 

My youngest son Brian is 8 and at Montessori school. he plays piano sonatas, age of empire on the computer, lifts weights and  wants to be a soccer star like his older brother.  his IQ has tested over 150. 

I don't know where they get the brains, I lost mine in sparring.  they say it's from their mothers. 

As for me and my accomplishments, I just railed off the best ones.  my life trailed off for several years.  I sold a lucrative CPA practice to chase a wild hair and run for congress.  a great, but costly experience.  I then was an executive for yes, a small publicly traded oil company.  great job, great experience.  I then found myself in the late 90's being what I referred to as the only unemployed CPA in the country after the oil company merged with another and left the state.   so I lowered my professional sights, got my real estate broker's license and stepped down to the bottom of the professional food chain.  when I got into that profession, rates turned up and got higher than they'd been in several years, only to turn down for the next three and a half years allowing me to seize on an excellent business opportunity. 

I got involved with an organization dedicated to full disclosure of all costs and fees in a transaction and the next thing I knew I was editing a policy guideline recommendation to HUD for a UPenn Wharton school of finance professor on how to prevent borrower abuse by brokers that was so rampant.  I managed to come up with a suggestion towards ending the abuse that HUD is attempting to adopt and received national recognition for that effort. 

I would like to think that the ethics we learned in martial arts was a contributing factor to how we conduct ourselves in our everyday pursuits. 

Finally, on a personal note, I managed to make it out to some fabled surf spots on the outer channel islands to fulfill a dream. 

Hope I didn't bore you all.  it was great seeing all of you and the purpose of this was to pass on what Ive been doing with my life to the many of you I didn't get a chance to visit with.

Best to all of you.

Stephen wheeler

(the killing machine-as dubbed by Ben)















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