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Jan Ford Bio

Jan Ford is a Sociology/Anthropology professor at Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara, Ca. He is celebrating his 47th year as a martial arts practitioner. He has specialized in the Chinese Arts, particularly Hung Gar, but has also taught GoJu Ryu Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Thai Boxing and various grappling arts for over 35 years. Jan was well known as a fighting and kata competitor in the California tournament circuit for many years, and, at one time was ranked at the top of both classifications.

Jan has been a past president of Anger Management Counseling Services of Santa Barbara county, a non-profit organization that specializes in education and therapeutic treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence. He presently is an advisory board member of Domestic Violence Solutions of Santa Barbara County.

He attributes both his background in sociology and clinical psychology as well as his study of conflict and conflict resolution in the martial arts to his successful work in this field.

Currently he is active in his union at SBCC and serves on the executive board as Membership Director.

At the present he is teaching an advanced class in all-around self defense to a few students on Friday nights at Ron Johnson's Boxing and Kickboxing in Santa Barbara

















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