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Duane Erdman's Bio

Since the studio closed, I left the world of printing and shifted gears work wise.  Santa Barbara County Probation department hired me as a JIO (Juvenile Institutions Officer).  As a JIO I was assigned to supervise at risk male youth at a Probation Camp. I have continued to train at Santa Barbara City College with Darryl Morrison in Goju- ryu Karate.  Two years later I was promoted to Sr. JIO ( Senior Juvenile Institutions Officer) which has me supervising staff along with the minors in the a 24hr facility.  I began teaching a Self-Defense class for older adults for Santa Barbara continuing education (Adult Education).  During the Self-Defense for older adults classes, I had students ranging from early their 20's well into their 80ís.  And each class ended with an hour of sharing stories, experiences and what if questions.  In 2001, the probation dept decided to have several Officers including myself  go thru certification training  to become trainers for Managing Assaultive  Behavior and Tactics to Combat Assaultive behavior classes.  This course involved 40 hrs of intensive training which included the art of verbal persuasion, use of force, wrist locks, extraction techniques, handcuffing, grappling, pressure points, and situational drills.  In 2003 Darryl Morrison was stricken with a serious illness. Santa Barbara City College ask me to assume teaching Darryl Morrison's Karate class while Jan Ford taught his Self-Defense class.  It's strange to fill the shoes of your teacher, yet a great honor.  The second semester I taught both classes and have almost 34 students in the Karate class.  Even now as I teach a Karate class, I find myself introducing techniques/drills I learned at the kung-fu studio. On occasion I still train with Sylvia Salazar (Pfister).  I can strongly say the Martial Art training I have received, has in many ways helped me become a balanced person.  I use the calmness and relaxation techniques to re-focus/counsel youths on a weekly basis.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching and feel I'm a better teacher because of the quality time my teachers ( Sensei Morrison & Sifu Ford)  took with me.  Although I teach my students the wisdom passed down to me, I still see myself as a student in those weekly class, sweating and inhaling the knowledge  of my instructors.  My Niece Angela who trained at Jan's is currently in her first year of Dental school (University of Pittsburgh).  My Nephew Gabriel who also trained at Jan's is in his junior year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo studying Mechanical Engineering.  Gabriel recently was recognized for a designed project and has been asked to attend an international Engineer conference in Montreal Canada.  Life continues to go quick; however you never know what might be coming your way.  My best to all of you.


Duane Erdman. 

















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