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Chris Young

It will be a while before we talk about Chris Young's martial arts experience. It's all about importance in his life, which takes an order of God, troubled youth, martial arts and riding his Harley.  When Chris is asked about himself, he will eagerly talk about his own troubled youth, growing up in Inglewood CA, having to fight local gang members.  This conversation leads into a description of what he is doing to try to help the troubled youth of this decade.  He incorporated the California Youth Karate Club with Hugo Rojas in 1994. This is his focus in life and his passion.  On the vocational path Young splits his time equally between the public and private sector.  As a Commissioner of the City of Redondo Beach, Young helps determine a small part of how many in Southern California live once they leave the house.   As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Young delves deep into the fears and phobias of many who find it difficult to even leave the house.  In addition, with over 25 years of Martial Arts experience, using 15 various techniques, Young created his own unique teaching style that incorporates all these psychological and physical elements together into his specialties of "Women's Self Defense" and "Youth Physical Fitness."  His expertise has been sought by organizations such as Xerox, Mattell, SUN America, Spectrum Club, and Boxing Works.














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