Steve Woods

By Bob McCauley

Steve is an eclectic martial arts instructor that has a hardstyle Japanese karate foundation coupled with a serious pursuit of the soft style Kung Fu. His school is in Hisperia CA.

Steve began studying the arts at age 15. He began to train seriously in the U.S.M.C. where he was mentored by Major Richard M. Beason. The dojo consisted of five people and who were subjected to long, grueling sessions of .forms and fighting. 

The Major was a stickler for technique and required nothing less than 100%, which was always given by any of the students. Contact was a must. Back then,  in 1972, the equipment used was minimal. Steve works in the aerospace industry and he has moved across the country several times in the last few years.  His students are so dedicated that many of them follow him wherever he goes.

Steve is a occasional contributor to the Kung Fu Magazine.

Right - Steve working a grappling technique with Randy Burson in Lancaster CA