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Bobby Kim - Eclectic Warrior

By Bob McCauley

You never know where Bobby Kim will show up - as the head of a large Tae Kwon Do style in Denver CO, in the lead role in a full-length action packed martial arts movie, as a successful businessman, or as an inventor at an inventor's show at Epcot. 

The photos above and right were taken at the Intellectual Property Convention at the Epcot center in Orlando FL.  In these photos, Bobby, his brother and friends are demonstrating Kim's newest invention - the panaromic rear view mirror.

 Bobby Kim was featured in the September 1984 TaeKwonDo Times Magazine

For more information about TaeKwonDo Times Magazine, go to

Bobby Kim's movies include 
Kill Line (1989) 
Kill the Ninja (1984) 
Black Belt Angels